about the artist

Currently in Bondi Australia, with work for sale in Bali, Bangkok and Edinburgh.

Can be contacted via https://www.instagram.com/charlesclapshaw/

or to *BUY* visit Saatchi Art

Solo Exhibitions

‘untitled’ - solo show at DCDA, Auckland, New Zealand, 1999

'wish' - solo show at Tuatara gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, 2001

'Hope' - solo show at Tortuga Studios, Sydney, Australia, April 2013

'40x40' - solo show at SMP Gallery, Manila, The Philippines, October 2013

'40x40 v2.0' - solo show at DeLaPena, Singapore, December 2014

‘wilga’ - solo show, Bondi Beach, Australia, July 2015

visions’ - live painting, Central World forecourt, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2015

‘disruption’ - mural, Golden Land, Bangkok, Thailand, October 2015

‘drift’ - mural, Drift Bar, Rayong, Thailand, January 2016

‘' - solo show, RCA, Bangkok, May 2016

'Magic, Art, Mixology' - solo show with magician Sean Borland, Metis, Bali, July 2016

Mural in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, September 2016

Mural in Mumbai, India, November 2016

'Samui' - Mapping Installation, Love Frankie, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2017


Group Shows or Showings

'Light Labyrinth' - group show at Te Tuhi Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand 1998

'Pop Art birthed the internet' - curated show Mary Place, Sydney, Australia, July 2013

Art for Lifehouse’ - RPA, Sydney, Australia, June 2015

‘Correspond’ - Rye, Halifax, UK, January and June 2016

Edinburgh Festival, IR11 Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh, August 2016

Dark Bar, Live Installation in Bangkok, Thailand, October 2016

'Karma Kamp' - Live Installation in Saraburi, Thailand, November 2016

Glow, Live Installation in Bangkok, Thailand, February 2017

Karma Kruise - Live Installation in Bangkok, Thailand, April 2017

Work shown at TBWA - New York, Paris, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles



‘Being’ - projection mapping and performance - TBD

Bondi seawall - mural - September 2017

‘Life Switches’ - book - TBD

There is a sense of your inhabiting a colourful tropical paradise!

This is something that speaks to something at the heart of modernism via

Gauguin and Matisse etc… I sense your ‘no problem’ desire in painting and

life is at one with something like Matisse’s ‘joie de vivre’.”

Phil King, editor of Turps Magazine, UK



Charles Clapshaw is a colourfield painter, painting towards post painterly abstract expressionism.  Influences start with Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella, Milan Mrkusich, Donald Judd, Michel Johnson and back to Albers, Kandinsky, Malevich, Klee and Hilmaaf Kline.

Colour and form are the starting points, with the act of painting developing the form along with the texture and physical properties of the paint(s) used. Abstraction is the vehicle to show honesty and mindfulness with a wink.

Although often simple and abstract, the subjects consist of personal stories interwoven amongst theories of space, dimension and weight. These ideas and concepts juxtapose Charles’ analog style with his spontaneous digital life background and mappings.

The entire canvas is used, with visual tricks based on viewing angles and lighting. The act of the painting continues to the painting (noun) and the observer is able to move around, look underneath and up above the work, which, adds yet another aspect to how his paintings can be viewed. The authenticity of the lines and layered dimensions create a unique space, articulating to the eyes Charles' thoughts and vision. However, breaking the logic and rules of the paintings is also part of Charles' ongoing contradiction...